Help Ukraine!

Dear Friends, 

Sky Philanthropy, Sky International Center and Music, Arts & Fashion Productions come together to help Ukraine.

There is terrible suffering now in Ukraine!  Many of you reached out to us personally and asked how you can support Ukrainian people.  

Natasha and Olga have family and friends there right now.  Olga’s Mom was in Kyiv the first two days of the war, and was able to go about 50 miles to the South of Kyiv, away from the battleground.  And her young nephew, who has a baby, is fighting in the army to protect his home. 

In addition, our personal friends, patriotic Ukrainians, are located on the ground in Poland and are supporting displaced families. They are ready to deliver all necessities directly to the war zone of Ukraine. Why? Because many Ukrainian banks are closed for now:( Because some organization take one month to deliver money, like FB, GO FUND ME, etc. 

Your emergency gift will help us provide food, medical care and emergency supplies to all victims. We will deliver all the necessities in few days to our people.

Please share what you can to protect the innocent victims and give Ukrainians hope that the world cares. 

Facebook activity is on Sky Philanthropy Page

Our Ukrainian hero Volodymyr Golodnyuk @Володимир Голоднюк, who lost his son during the war for freedom, is helping all victims actively. 

This is Natasha’s personal friend, his son is dead, he dedicated his life to a fight for freedom in Ukraine.

You can donate only money or medicine, such as painkillers, first aid, treatments for burns, bandages, vitamins, medical supplies.
Please drop donations at 43 Jacobs Terrace in Newton, MA 02459 in front of the garage.

We have gathered and shipped an extraordinary amount of food and clothing, so we are not accepting more at this time.  Please check for updates.  
We made an agreement with a shipping company Meest, who will ship all of your donations to Poland, and hand deliver to different cities by personal trucks.


@Natasha-Babushkina tel: 781-929-8077

Pay Pal for 501 (c)3 non-profit:
[email protected]

@Olga-Lisovskaya-Zic tel: (857) 919-4832

Checks made out to

Sky Philanthropy

Please mail to:
42 Newbury St., Newton, MA 02459

We all love you and appreciate your support !!!
Natasha Sky, Olga Lisovskaya, Natalia Brandafi, the CEO of Meest

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As of the date of your contribution, Sky Philanthropy, Inc. has not yet received recognition of tax-exempt status under Section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code. We will inform you when we receive such recognition. MAFPRO, a 501 (c) 3 is acting as Sky Philanthropy’s fiscal agent for the time being.